Photo Atelier

In my project ‘Photo Atelier’, I artificially create images of Ukrainians I meet on the streets of different cities. I memorize and show what I have seen thorough setting up and trying images on like I do with clothes. Most of the images are inherent in places and cities where I have met those people. Moreover, the images do depend on time which means that they have some strong chronological attachment. Shooting in the photo atelier used to be a must-have some decades ago. I have decided to look at the new world through the old lenses. It’s like making Daguerreotype photographs of supercars when techniques refer to the birth of the photography, and object came from the future. In my opinion, it is about the collision of the past and the future because people I represent are actually those who went to the photo ateliers 40 years ago. Nowadays, the image has been simplified, unified, and even cloned. Differentiating from the others is not fancy at all. People usually look the same in provincial cities, they wear sandals and shorts in summer, and sheepskin coats and fur caps in winter, it’s only color that makes some difference. I am trying to show image of an ‘ordinary Ukrainian’, because in fact average Ukrainian, son of his country and resident of his town is the hero of the ‘Photo Atelier’ project.


Quite often we want to escape too pushy and aggressive reality. Everyone needs some therapy in silence. The city is a stormy and heavy flow of thoughts, and people, and gadgets. It is very important to be able to stop and stay silent for some time. We need to learn how to look without interfering. We have to accept reality and live mindfully in the city, on planet, in universe.